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SEP Series – “Fraco’s rack and pinion transport platform offers the highest load capacity of single-mast transport platforms. SEP Series does not require a concrete base and can be used both inside and outside a building. It distinguishes itself by the use of a flexible wall fastener and a system of adjustable tensioners.”~Fraco

“All SEP Series transport platforms are designed for efficient movement of personnel and materials. They offer safety features both inside the cabin and at the landings to be serviced, thanks to an easy-to-use loading ramp. Their dimensions and capabilities can be customized to suit the needs of general and specialized contractors. They are manufactured with electrical and mechanical components that are available from local suppliers.”~Fraco

SEH Series – “Our rack and pinion construction hoists and construction elevators are designed for a safe and efficient transport of personal and material. On request, Fraco SEH Series cars sizes and payloads can be customized to easily adapt to general contractors and property developers needs.”~Fraco

“Mostly used for building construction, SEH Series construction elevators can also serve for bridge construction and industrial projects. Some models can be used in single or twin cars configuration and can be combined with other Fraco products. Cars are delivered with flexible and adjustable tie systems. SEH Series construction hoists are built with common electrical and mechanical components easily available from local suppliers.”~Fraco

“A sliding door that allows lateral loading is available as an option with heavy range models.”~Fraco

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